CASE Study

Light Up the Loop for Autism is an annual fundraiser hosted by Kappa Delta Pi. The event consisted of a nighttime walk around the University of West Alabama’s campus loop in order to raise awareness and funds for autism.

The Problem: The main organizer for Light Up the Loop left the University in 2021, with Dr. Kourtney Vick taking lead for the 2022 event. Vick chose to start fresh with branding, t-shirts, and promotional material.

Solution: My team and I contributed to designing a new logo combining elements related to autism awareness. Using this logo, we designed merchandise such as t-shirts as well as promotional posters and post cards. These assets increased outreach for the event in turn gaining more funds and spreading more awareness for the event.


For the post-card we just replicated the poster in order to keep consistency among all things created for Light Up The Loop.

For the poster we kept the ideas of blue for autism awareness and yellow as a mix because of the lightbulb.

T-shirt Design was made from the original logo created with a blue design. Blue signifies awareness for autism.